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Astrological Analysis

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Astrological analysis

An Astrological Analysis means working with an Astrology Analyst to create a birth chart in order to discover a person’s astrological identity. Birth charts are important to realizing your astrological identity because using a birth chart an Astrological Analyst is able to determine the exact positioning of the moon, planets and the sun at the exact moment of a person’s birth. In doing so, your astrological identity is defined. Birth charts can also be referred to as ‘soul maps’. 

Birth Charts

In order to create an accurate birth chart or soul map, a person must know the date and time of their birth and the location/place of birth. With this information alone, Anthony Perrotta, Astrological Analyst for Hawk & hummingbird Holistic Healing, will work to create a birth chart that offers a great amount of detail, including which sign each astral body was in at the exact moment of your birth.

It’s likely people today are most familiar with your own sun sign, which is the sign we identify with when we check our horoscope. There are however, more signs that can help us understand our character and personality traits too. The astrological signs that the moon and the planets align with have a huge impact on who we are as individuals. An expert made birth chart can help you learn more about yourself, your family, the life that you were born into and what your soul is looking for in order to heal and achieve underlying destinies in this lifetime. 


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    Specializing in Astrology Analysis. The goal is help others find a truer understanding of themselves, while positively finding ways to harness planetary energies.