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 Marriage and Family Therapist &
Emotion Focused Therapy


Jane Oliver MS MFT

Jane Oliver, MS MFT

Pre-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, EFT
Jane Oliver is a recent graduate from the Couple and Family Therapy program at University of Rhode Island. On a personal and professional level, Jane is passionate about the healing process. Specifically, Jane values and the importance of safe and connected relationships, and sees this as an integral part of restoration and growth. Jane longs to develop therapeutic relationships with her clients that foster change, understanding, safety, and empowerment- helping clients find their voice and feel heard. Jane is actively engaged in the certification process of Emotion Focused Therapy. Understanding relationships and connection through the lens of attachment has been transformative in Jane's own marriage and relationships and is something she ardently longs to share with others. Emotion Focused Therapy is a research validated model that demonstrates astounding results. This model provides a framework that enables partners to get out of their stuck patterns and narratives in their interactions with one another. Simultaneously it encourages and assists each partner in their ability to connect more with their own personal emotions. This process leads to powerful transformation and healing between partners and individually.
email: jane@hawkhummingbird.com
phone: (803) 230-4790