The nest is a unique feature of HAWK & hummingbird designed as an intimate group space dedicated to mind-body, holistic healing. We offer a full schedule of meditation, mindfulness and yoga classes to the Providence community.  Our small group class size was intentionally designed to foster a nourishing and friendly atmosphere that enhances the mind-body experience. Host to a variety of unique workshops and groups, at The nest we offer something for everyone in need of restoration, renewal, and healing. 

To register for a class or workshop, please click here to register: MindBody
If you are having difficulty registering for a class you can email us at and we will be in touch promptly.

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Meditation for grounding yourself

Just like a power line needs to be secured to the earth, we also sometimes have excess energy that needs grounding. Connect to your body with meditation techniques to calm the body and bring a nourishing stillness to the mind. Practices in this class can aid in building internal resilience, reducing feelings of overwhelm or distress that many of us have during anxiety experiences.



Meditation for connecting to yourself

Connect with your innermost experience and the brightest version of you. Our Connect meditation is geared towards focusing on the stripping away of the layers of stress, unhelpful story and false beliefs that lie between you and your most authentic self. Reignite your heart-mind connection and see what inspiration bubbles up. 



Meditation to heal your inner self

Get in touch with the natural healing capacity that lies within you. Heal meditation is designed to facilitate a deeper connection to the wisdom of the body and the generous resources that lie in the heart. Meditation techniques will aid you in cultivating body awareness and connecting it to the energetic aspects of the heart: truth, love, and compassion for self and others. Deepen the connection to your innate, abundant love and compassion to heal the parts of you that have felt unheard or unhealed. 



Meditation for clearing your mind

Breathe class combines meditation with the use of yogic breath-work to move energy in the body and clear out the excess “stuff” in the mind.  The practice of breathing stimulates your body’s natural ability to relax and restore, while being fed by nutrient-rich oxygen.  Our intention for you is to leave Breathe class feeling revitalized, restored, with a clear mind and a calm body. 



connect your mind, body & spirit

 HAWK & hummingbird yoga classes are focused on connecting the body with the breath, which steadies the mind and helps you connect with more ease to your most authentic self.  Led by experienced instructors and healers, our classes integrate mindful movement, breath work and stretching with constructive resting poses to replenish your energy reserves, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 



HAWK & hummingbird workshops are designed to enhance our weekly offerings by providing additional supportive information and practices. These workshops are also a chance to connect and heal alongside a community of like-minded people. Please check back regularly for updated offerings. Interested in leading a workshop or group at The nest? We would love to hear your ideas. Reach out to us: and we will be in touch soon.



our instructors welcome you

Each of our yoga and meditation classes are instructed by experienced yoga and meditation professionals from a variety of practice backgrounds and teachings. Click on the image of each teacher to explore their background and experience.

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

        Specializing in Trauma sensitive meditation support, mindfulness coaching and psychotherapy

Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher

        Specializing in yoga therapy, massage therapy and shiatsu inspired acupressure.

Meditation Instructor

        Specializing in Kriya Yoga meditation and Samatha meditation.

HAWK & hummingbird is a Holistic Healing center dedicated to your mind-body-spirit healing. To enhance this experience, we ask that you sign up for workshops and classes on the MindBody app or by clicking here: MINDBODY so that when you arrive the focus is solely on your healing journey.

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welcome to hawk & hummingbird workshops at The nest

HAWK & hummingbird is a Holistic Healing center dedicated to your mind-body-spirit healing.

New Workshops Coming Soon


Are classes for beginners?

All classes are designed to serve all levels of practice. We offer a combination of guidance, which is great for beginners, and silence, which may be preferred by advanced-level participants. We suggest trying different classes and teachers to find your best fit. 

Do I need to bring my own cushion or mat?
No. At The nest we provide comfortable cushions, mats, chairs and blankets. However, if you prefer practicing on your own cushion or mat, then you are welcome to bring them. We honor your preference!
What do I wear?
Comfort is key in meditation. We encourage you to wear something that will support your practice.  Loose clothing is often preferred, but not required. Also, while we do our best to maintain a temperature that is comfortable for most, you may want to bring socks or a scarf if you tend to get cold. (If you forget, we have plenty of blankets for your comfort!) For yoga classes, we suggest wearing clothing that will allow you to stretch comfortably without restriction.
Do I have to register in advance?
Yes. What makes The nest unique is that our class size is small and intimate. When you register in advance you are securing your practice space.register for a class
Then all you have to do is show up and get centered.
Anything else I should know?
The nest is located inside the holistic healing center, HAWK & hummingbird, located at 545 South Water Street, Providence, RI 02903. We ask that when you enter from the street that you are conscious of stepping into a healing space. Please keep noise levels down, turn phones off and head straight to The nest for class. We ask that you do not wear shoes inside of The nest. We have personal storage inside The nest for your belongings. 


Location description

The nest is located at HAWK & hummingbird holistic healing, 545 South Water Street, Providence, RI 02903. There is street parking available in the area and a public lot located on South Water Street. 


Class Policies 

Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class. Doors will close at the start time and we do not encourage late students as it can disrupt the experience of other students. When you enter HAWK & hummingbird for a meditation or yoga class please proceed directly to The nest, which will be open 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. The nest is the central room of the facility with double doors across from the bathroom, featuring high windows to allow for natural light. We request the waiting area be reserved for those awaiting an appointment in one of the private offices at HAWK & hummingbird. Shoes and personal items can be stored inside The nest in designated areas. Please turn off all cellular devices upon entering The nest.


Cancelation policy

The nest is an intimate meditation and yoga studio with limited size capacity. In order to best serve our clients in a small group class and out of respect to our facilitators we have a strict cancellation policy. Charges are applied at the time of class registration.  You may cancel up to 24 hours before a class. After that, you will be charged regardless of attendance. Questions regarding refunds can be emailed to

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